Ibu Yati now to be tried in Cyber Court

“It is a shocking and daunting experience for me. I have written about the people’s plights for years. I didn’t foresee this would happen to me,” lamented the soft-spoken Wan Noor Hayati Wan Alias in an interview with The Mole on February 13.

Zaidi Azmi
Written by Zaidi Azmi

KUALA LUMPUR – August 13, 2020: Journalist Wan Noor Hayati Wan Alias, who was charged over her alleged Covid-19-related fear-mongering posts on Facebook will be tried in the Cyber Court.

The High Court, where she was charged on Feb 5 under the Penal Code with three counts of causing public fear today ordered a discharge not amounting to an acquittal to transfer her case to the other court.

Her lawyer, Fudhail Ahmad of Jahaberdeen and Co., said the case was transferred to the Cyber Court because its facts were more suitable to be heard there.

“The case has been filed at the Cyber Court this afternoon and my client’s three charges were read before Judge Edwin Paramjothy A/L Michael Muniandy who set RM2,000 bail for each charge,” said Fudhail.

The Malaysian Gazette journalist’s allegedly law-violating posts on January 26, were regarded by observers as among the government’s “peculiar” actions in handling the Covid-19 outbreak at that particular time.

Noor Hayati, also known as Ibu Yati, first post a critical inquiry on the then-Pakatan Harapan government’s seemingly insufficient preventive actions in handling the outbreak.

In her second posting, she shared the confession of a nurse in China who claimed that the Chinese government was concealing the true scale of the outbreak.

It was, however, her third entry that landed Noor Hayati in trouble.

She questioned the government’s decision to allow the entry of over 1,000 Chinese tourists into Penang despite the mounting infection tallies in Thailand, Vietnam, Japan, South Korea, United States and Singapore.

Noor Hayati has 11 years of experience in journalism and has won over 20 awards including the prestigious Anugerah Kajai from the Malaysian Press Institute for a report on corruption among immigration officers.



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