Covid-19: Deaths, new cases on the rise again in US

Written by TheMole

July 1 2020

The number of Covid-19 daily deaths in the United States spiked up from less than 1,000 over the last 20 days to 1,199 yesterday.

On top of that it also registered 42,528 new cases over the past 24 hours..

The country has suffered 127,322 deaths so far since the pandemic started in China late last year.

Many US states, particularly in the south and west, have paused their reopening processes following the surge in number of deaths and new cases.

Texas broke its daily record yesterday with 6,975 new cases while in California, over a thousand inmates of the San Quentin prison have been tested positive with Covid-19.

US health authorities predicted that the daily numbers of new cases may increase to about 100,000 if no new effort is being made to suppress the pandemic.



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