Covid-19: Cases worldwide surpass 18 million, deaths at 680,000

A Covid-19 funeral service in Manaus,Brazil.

Written by TheMole

Aug 3, 2020

It has been estimated that the number of Covid-19 cases worldwide has passed 18 million as the pandemic continues to worsen in many part of the globe.

Worldwide, the death toll now stands at about 680,000.

More than half of the cases have been recorded in the United States, Latin America and the Caribbean region.

The United States is the worst-hit country with over 4.6 million cases and 154,000 deaths, followed by Brazil, with over 2.7 million cases and 94,000 deaths and India with over 1.7 million cases and 37,000 deaths.

The official tallies provided by health authorities, including the World Health Organisation, was however likely much lower than the actual toll as many countries are testing only symptomatic or the most serious cases.



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