At least 34 dead in Japan floods, mudslides

Written by TheMole

July 6, 2020

At least 34 people were killed in massive floods and mudslides in Japan yesterday.

Heavy rain caused the floods in the Kumamoto region on the southwestern island of Kyushu, wrecking widespread destruction.

Fourteen of the dead were inmates of a nursing home which was inundated by water from a nearby river.

Rescue and evacuation efforts have been complicated by the Covid-19 pandemic as rescuers made evacuees wash their hands, wear masks and maintain social distance.

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe pledged financial support as Kumamoto residents expects more rain to hit the region.

Over 40,000 personnel from police, fire department, coast guard and arm forces carry out search and rescue operations.

Collapsed bridges and blocked roads due to flooding and mudslides have left many isolated.



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