About Us

The Mole was launched on 16th September 2011 in conjuction with the Malaysia Day celebrations. The idea behind it was mooted by Datuk Ahirudin Attan or affectionately known as Datuk Rocky of the Rockybru fame.

He had the idea of setting up a blognews portal in 2008, even came up with the name The Mole, short for Malaysia On Line before joining The Malay Mail in 2009.

Now that the Malay Mail is behind him, and it is no longer so costly to start a portal, the idea was rekindled.

The Mole won’t take on the existing portals head on. We will complement them. In fact, we are a hybrid of:

1. A blog/social media aggregator (we surf top blogs all day long and pick up news usually hidden in the piles of postings)

2. A “validator” (like a News-Desk we will make it our business to get each news item that we have decided to select from the blogs CONFIRMED or DENIED, something bloggers almost never do regarding their own postings)

3. Bringing journalism to citizen journalism (we will create news items around the above blog postings).

4. Other future developments like cleaning up blog postings, direct traffic, create an interactive and regional blog community that will enable us to set up a database, organize programs, lucky draws etc.

Why are we doing this? Among the many reasons, it is quite sickening to see existing blogs being too partisan, too involved in politics themselves. Or that is the perception.

Blogs are also living credibility with the birth of interested parties. Most times they do break the story but too many half truths and quite a few outright lies. We fear people will lose trust in blogs as a source of news if there is no effort to help verify these blognews.

The Mole also aims to create the sort of a social media paper that publishes what you need to know from blogs rather than what the blogs want you to know.

Vision and Mission

We at The Mole will say it out loud now and again, that “We Don’t Care”.

We don’t care for censorship because we know we are going to state the truth.

We also don’t care for any attempts to silence us because we are not in this to serve the interest of anyone or any group, save the nation.

We will also not care for intimidation or threats because we know when someone does that, it means that we are close to the truth and the truth not only hurts, but can also be frightening.

We don’t care if we tread on some toes along our journalistic path because those toes deserve to be stepped on.

We don’t care if we hurt some feelings because we are not in the business to please anyone.

We don’t care for all these because we have committed ourselves to a cause we believe worth fighting for.

Though we don’t believe that some things are beyond good manners we don’t care about niceties and will call a spade a spade.

We particularly don’t care when dealing with those out to destroy the country, pillage her treasure and desecrate her legacy.

They are traitors. They will get what they deserve, sooner than later.

How To Contact Us

We are based at:

C-3-5, Plaza TTDI,
Jalan Wan Kadir 3,
Taman Tun Dr Ismail,
60000 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03 7727 8061
Fax: 03 – 7727 8060
Email: editor@mole.my

To advertise with us, please call 03 7727 8061 or email azura@mole.my