Zahid case: Trustee asked to sign blank cheques

Zahid asked trustee to sign blank cheques.

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KUALA LUMPUR — Nov. 19, 2019: A former trustee of a foundation formed by former deputy prime minister Datuk Seri Zahid Hamidi was asked by him to sign blank cheques without being told of the purpose of the cheques.

In another testimony, a bank branch manager confirmed that Zahid had applied to be the sole signatory to an account at the bank. She also once signed a cheque for RM17,953,185.21 from Yayasan Akalbudi to Messrs Lewis & Co, a trustee of the foundation. The cheque was issued based on a money transfer application.

The testimony by Salma Hanum Ibrahim, an assistant registrar with the Companies Commission of Malaysia, revealed that since it was formed in 1997, Yayasan Akalbudi had never filed its annual financial statements and reports. This Salma discovered based on checks made in December last year.

Zahid is facing 47 criminal charges involving several million ringgit belonging to the foundation.

According to trustee Mohd. Samsuri Tun, who was a schoolmate of Zahid and went to the same university, he was not involved in activities in the name of the foundation and never discussed any activity with Zahid.

Other information that emerged during today’s hearing was about how Zahid made a huge gain when the share price of Kretam Holdings, one of the companies he was involved in, jumped substantially and that in 1996 Zahid had a monthly income of RM120,000.

The trial before Justice Colin Lawrence Sequerah continues tomorrow.



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