Where is the original Umno?

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By Tajuddin Rosli

KUALA LUMPUR — June 29, 2015: My question is, where is this original Umno now?

The Umno loved by all Malays, which had united the Malays with other races, which had brought prosperity and tranquillity to this nation and its people and which had successfully fought for Independence – that Umno is no more in existence.

It was declared illegal and dissolved by Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad and his friends and replaced by another party named Umno Baru (New Umno).

If we were to compare Umno Baru’s form and structure to that of original Umno, whether from the angle of its constitution or principles, where do we find any similarities between the two?

The formation of Umno Baru was an act of treachery and cannot be forgiven either by the members of the original Umno or new Umno.

“Despite the deterioration in my health including a heart attack, I responded by declaring that I would fight the traitors till the bitter end”- Tun Hussein Onn’s speech to voters in Parit Raja during a by-election in 1988.

Hussein, Malaysia’s third Prime Minister led the country from 1976-1981.

Hussein shed tears both on resuming the premier’s office after the demise of Tun Abdul Razak and before leaving the helm for Dr Mahathir Mohamad.

While officially, Hussein left for Dr Mahathir citing ill health as his reason, it was later alleged that Dr Mahathir backstabbed Hussein and used his ‘jedi powers to force the latter out.’

While we all know that Umno was founded by Hussein father, Datuk Seri Onn Jaafar and how Onn Jaafar, Tunku Abdul Rahman, Tun Abdul Razak and Hussein collectively increased the strengths of Umno, we forget then Hussein himself opposed Mahathir’s Umno Baru from the outside.

When Hussein was asked why wasn’t he a member of Umno Baru and continuously opposed Mahathir, he replied by saying; “Firstly we are denied membership in Umno Baru.

“Secondly, even if we were to be accorded membership, we disagree with its constitution and style of leadership. Thus we have no choice but to stay out and oppose Umno Baru,” said Hussein.

Hussein on numerous occasions also expressed despair and heartache to disunity that Mahathir brew.

He once said: “We all want

unity. But what is happening now is the worsening of disunity.

“We want to compromise. We want to reconcile. We want to forget all the differences. We want to return to the right path.

“But as you all know, all efforts towards unity have failed. Those in power don’t pay much attention to our suggestions. They have turned a deaf ear to our advice.

“We can all see how anyone who advises or disagrees with those in power will be condemned, suspended or sacked from their position.

“All efforts from within have failed. That is why we now have to act from outside, as independents,” said Hussein Onn.

Malaysia’s most loved Prince, Tunku walked hand-in-hand with Hussein to oppose Mahathir.

While Mahathir only recognizes contributions from the Malays for independence, the man who actually brought independence to Malaya spoke differently.

Tunku openly criticized Mahathir for being power crazy.

“We should be wary of the greedy man who wants to grab everything in this country to satisfy his lust for power.

“He says it is for the Malays, but in actual fact it is for himself. We must bear in mind that the Malays had never lived in affluence and never had a place in the administration of this country.

“When this country achieved independence, we gained power with the cooperation of other communities.

“We were able to rule our own country. We should therefore, never be arrogant and break our promise to our friends in the other communities who had helped us to achieve independence,” uttered Tunku.

Back then, Tunku kept pleading with the people to reject Mahathir.

He constantly reminded “All power is in the hands of the people, provided the people use the power wisely.

“Solidarity can only be achieved through Umno, the original Umno, not Umno Baru, which is Dr Mahathir’s Umno,” Tunku once said.

Portraying the image of a fragile old man, Mahathir quivers and says he is a nobody today and he can only voice his concern against Datuk Seri Najib as a normal citizen of this country.

If memory serves him right, he should be getting flashbacks of what he did to Tunku and Hussein on every occasion Najib snubs him.

Mahathir is certainly getting back what he gave others before him. As they say, the globe is round.

You are treated the exact same way you treat others.

If you want love, give love; If you want honesty, give honesty; If you want respect, give respect.

You get in return, what you give!

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