What youths want in BN’s manifesto

Ahirul Ahirudin
Written by Ahirul Ahirudin

KUALA LUMPUR — March 13, 2018: Youths interviewed ahead of the unveiling of the Barisan Nasional general elections manifesto are especially concerned with cost of transportation and education and about the rising cost living and job security. 

Engineering student Che Wan Amiruddin Junaidi suggests that BN finds ways to further improve the transportation infrastructure, including outside the Klang Valley.

“The manifesto can promise to increase the efficiency of public transportation… it can start by including a timer countdown on older railways like the LRT line. Also, start introducing more rail connectivity in other parts of the country,” he said.

Recent school leaver Muhd. Nabil Mohd. Anuar also wants BN to focus on improving the transportation system.

“Better public transportation will allow us to explore places, increase our productivity and open up more opportunities for us,” said Nabil.

“I hope BN’s manifesto will promise to further improve the transportation system and it doesn’t have to be the LRT or MRT. An efficient and cheap bus system will do just fine,” he added.

English language student Muhd. Danial Mohd. Anuar would appreciate it if BN can promise to reduce the burden of repaying education loans for young graduates.

“I feel that the burden of repaying a loan can be overwhelming for some, especially if a graduate has a lot of commitments,” said Danial.

“I know that nothing in this world is free and someone will have to pay but if BN can help us in repaying at least some of our education loans, that would be fantastic,” he added.

Accounting student Nur Syamimi Rosli thinks BN should offer to increase the amount of the book voucher given to students.

“The current RM250 per year isn’t enough for a lot of students these days, especially since a book for a single subject can cost up to RM100,” said Syamimi.

“Also, BN can consider giving out the vouchers every semester instead of once a year,” she added.

Finance executive Amirul Ashraff Aldrin Husni is more concerned about the rising prices of homes.

“Houses are getting more and more expensive so I hope BN can do something to correct this,” said Ashraff.

“It’s pointless to build so many houses if none of it is affordable for a majority of the people,” he added.

For journalism student Nur Farah Ashikin Mohamad Solhi one of her primary concerns is securing a job.

“Please revert the retirement age back to 50 or 55 years old to give us youths a chance to secure a job,” said Farah.




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