What tough times? You must be joking……

Zaidi Azmi
Written by Zaidi Azmi

KUALA LUMPUR – March 18, 2016: Malaysians experiencing tough times?

Maybe or maybe not but the number of people willing to spend time queuing at Suria KLCC just to get hold of a latest smartphone model may trigger some amongst us to think again about the moans and groans on rising living costs we often read about on social media.

The latest Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge smartphone these consumers in the Q are targetting costs RM3,099 each.

“I thought people are struggling with the increasing food prices,” is the rather sarcastic reaction by Facebooker Yoke Kham Kwan.

“Apparently out ministers are right,” wrote Luna G Luna, “The price increase in everything — petrol price, toll hike and the bad economy — doesn’t affect Malaysians at all.”

Krishna Kumar wrote that such ‘phenomenon’ was rather confusing given the usual moan and groan expressed by some Malaysians regarding the so-called economic woes that are impacting their lives.

“On one hand you cry that cost of living is too high and your income is not enough.

“On the other hand, you queue for an expansive phone,” she commented.

“While these people spend their money to get what they want, they will complain that they can’t afford to stay alive for the next two years…is it really worth it?” wrote Kenny Yeap Lin Chung.

Some were also wondering how these Malaysians can afford to line up so early on a Friday morning.

“Work is not important, getting a phone with style is more important,” chided Yap Poh Onn.

Cheong Vincent even joked that those who were supposed to be at work today had probably and specifically applied for a sick leave just so that they can be among the first to buy the phone.

It was reported that the first lucky 2,000 customers across seven locations who buy the smartphone will receive a complementary Samsung Gear VR virtual reality display.



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