Wang Kelian RCI: Police officer denies telling off his men

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PUTRAJAYA — May 27, 2019: A general operations force officer who led an operation to Wang Kelian in 2015 denied today that he had called his men bodoh (stupid) for rounding up six undocumented foreigners near the area.

In this regard, ASP M. Joeking Anthony said no superior would berate any personnel for arresting illegal immigrants.

“Why should I be angry about being told of an arrest. Rather, I would ask them to lodge a police report,” he said before a seven-member Royal Commission of Inquiry into the discovery of transit camps and mass graves at Wang Kelian.

Anthony was recalled following the testimony by corporal Mat Ten that he was chided and called stupid for arresting the foreigners, after a team had nabbed 38 others earlier the same day.

RCI chairman Tun Arifin Zakaria noted that Anthony’s testimony was inconsistent with those of the majority of witnesses.

Anthony had questioned the accuracy of the RCI secretariat’s record of testimonies and refuted other witnesses’ claims about seeing him around Wang Kelian and Danok in Thailand after work. 

The RCI’s deputy chairman Tan Sri Norian Mai had earlier referred to other witnesses’ claims that Anthony was always in the two areas even when he was not assigned, adding that he had expected Anthony to respond that the claims were false.

Anthony today again insisted that he had never given a briefing on the discovery of grave-like structures in Wang Kelian during a meeting at the Perlis police contingent.

Some witnesses, including then Perlis deputy police chief Mat Zukir Mat Isa, had testified that Anthony did mention about finding the grave-like structures.

The hearing continues tomorrow. — Bernama



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