Wang Kelian RCI: Malaysian bank account number found at camp

One of the camps in Wang Kelian.

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PUTRAJAYA — April 25, 2019: A search at one of the camps for illegal immigrants in Wang Kelian in 2015 led to the discovery of a notebook with a bank account number of a Malaysian written. Also found in the note book were names and telephone numbers.

Since he considered the information to be confidential, Perlis Special Branch staff officer (security protection) ASP Wan Ahmad Hamirudeen requested for the information to be disclosed in private, to which RCI chairman Tun Ariffin Zakaria agreed and asked the public and journalists to leave the hall.

Wan Ahmad, who was the coordinator of the operation which led to the discovery of the transit camps and mass graves in January of that year, said the team found five more transit camps. He then conveyed the information to federal police headquarters.

Fourteen camps found; five illegal immigrants arrested

Another witness spoke about another search by the VAT 69 commandos in Genting Perah in March which found another camp. The team also arrested five immigrants.

According to Inspector Mohamad Afiq Sarmid, a body search of the immigrants found a pistol and a knife. Three Rohingya did not have valid travel documents.

Questioned by RCI deputy chairman Tan Sri Norian Mai on why no grave was found, Afiq said he was just following instruction and the objective of the operation was to detect the presence of illegal immigrants. — Bernama




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