Wang Kelian RCI: Foam, smell led to discovery of graves, camps

Members of the RCI with Home Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin (seated, centre).

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PUTRAJAYA — April 17, 2019: The presence of foam and smell of soap from a small stream led to the discovery of the mass graves and transit camps in Wang Kelian, Perlis, in 2015. 

According to then lance corporal Mat Ten, the first witness in the Royal Commission of Inquiry hearing which started today to investigate the case, this happened when he and corporal Yusuf Islam Hasan were patrolling the area.

As he was walking along the stream he was tempted to have a drink but Yusof warned him that the water was foamy and it smelled of soap.

“I was curious and I asked Yusof to walk with me further up the stream when suddenly we saw a woman washing clothes.

“She was very near to us. We were standing behind a rock right behind her,” he said when questioned by conducting officer Khairul Anuar Abd Halim.    

The men immediately decided to observe her closely to gather more information.

Following that, he and Yusof trailed the woman up to an area where there was a wooden structure, believed to be a shop, where a man was seen lying on a hammock.

“After we were sure no one was in the structure, I ventured to open the door.

“Inside there were several food items such as rice, onions, cooking oil, salt and cans of sardines with Thai labels,” said Mat, who is from General Operations Force third battalion.

With the information gathered, they walked down to the control post to inform their superior known as Joking, who later ordered a team of 10 to return to the site. — Bernama




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