Vehicle repossessors are not ministry employees

Zaidi Azmi
Written by Zaidi Azmi

KUALA LUMPUR – February 28, 2017: The Domestic Trade, Cooperatives and Consumerism Ministry has confirmed that its enforcement officers are not authorised to repossess vehicles.

In fact repossessing vehicles is not even in the job descriptions of these officers.

This is the explanation from principal assistant director (operations) Abdul Halim Pakri Halim to The Mole following the latest social media furor over some vehicle repossessors who claimed to be officers of the ministry.

Some of them, as one complainant pointed out, have seemingly legitimate vehicle repossession identification cards that bore the ministry’s logo.

To this Halim clarified that it is normal for these vehicle repossession agents to have the cards but the fact remains that are not officers of the ministry. The rule is that such an agent must be registered with the ministry.

“But it is not normal for them claim to be with the ministry.

“Ask them if you can take a picture of their agent’s identification cards. If they don’t allow you to do so then something fishy is definitely going on.

“If they allow you to do so, then you can cross-check with us. Or you could simply ask these agents to show you the bank’s vehicle repossession notice. This is the standard operating procedure in vehicle repossession,” Halim explained.

The agents often target female drivers and that their modus operandi was to claim that the drivers had defaulted on their monthly payment.

“When I told him my loan was not from the bank he mentioned, the agent insisted that he had my car’s installment record,” tweeted complainant Sha Iem.

“He never showed me the bank’s notice and told me he will double-check my installment status with his colleagues inside the car… but he never get back to me after that,” she added.



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