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Ahirul Ahirudin
Written by Ahirul Ahirudin

KUALA LUMPUR – December 13, 2018: The news that the operating hours of the urban transformation centres (UTCs) will be shorten has understandably caused public dissatisfaction voiced on social media.

This followed a finance ministry circular on this dated yesterday that went viral and was quoted by news outlets. 

According to the circular, starting January 1 all UTCs will have their closing time changed from 10pm to 7pm. But the opening time remains unchanged at 8am.

Facebooker Khairul Anwar is one of those expressing disappointment over the shortening of UTC operating hours and pointed out that 7pm closing time is just too early for those who have normal working hours.

“Works end at 5.30pm, then there’s the typical work home traffic and finally, it’s 7pm when I can finally reach a UTC centre just to find out that its closed already,” wrote Khairul.

Another Facebooker, Steven Soh said that the government should not have “changed things just for the sake of changing”.

“I remember Pakatan Harapan (PH) saying that they will retain what is good and out with the bad and UTC is a good thing by the previous administration. We can attend to our government businesses after working hours,” wrote Steven.

“Don’t change for the sake of changing, else we will change you come the next election,” he added.

His opinion was echoed by Facebooker, Shamsath Begum Mohamed Mydin who believe that the government should only do changes if it benefits the people.

“If change needs to be made, make changes that benefits the people and not give them more hardship,” wrote Shamsath.

While some complained, there are those who believe that the government probably just want to save cost. For that, they made some recommendations for the government to consider.

One Syana Fahem acknowledged that working hours should be reduced but thinks that it can be tweaked to benefit the people.

“Why not open at 10am (previously 8am) and close at 9/10pm? More people come to UTC after work and at night than early in the morning,” wrote Syana.

Her opinion was echoed by Facebooker Cindy Chong Evans, who said that it was an excellent idea.

“Instead of 8am to 7pm, they should operate from 10am to 9pm. Overtime shouldn’t be an issue since operating for 11 hours would entail two shifts anyway, right?” wrote Cindy.

UTCs were an initiative of the previous Barisan Nasional government to put several departments and agencies under one roof for the convenience of the people.



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