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PEKAN, Jan 15 2017 : Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak described Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad as a ‘U-turn champion’ as he often changed his stand lately including on the issue of giving the 1Malaysia People’s Aid (BR1M).

Najib said that on Dec 26, Dr Mahathir himself had made a statement that giving the BR1M was purportedly a bribe and illegal, but changed his tone yesterday when he said the opposition was willing to consider giving BR1M if it led the government later.

“Within a period of only three weeks he had changed his stand and made a ‘u-turn’ by stating that if the opposition were to win, it was prepared to consider giving BR1M.

“Lately, Tun Mahathir had made too many u-turns in terms of his stand, so we can consider Tun Mahathir now as a u-turn champion because his action and statement contradicted each other,” he said.

He said this to reporters at a media conference after giving away prizes to outstanding students in the Ujian Pencapaian Sekolah Rendah (UPSR) and Pentaksiran Tingkatan 3 (PT3) 2016 as well as the ‘Back To School’ aid to recipients in the Pekan Parliamentary constituency, here today. – Bernama



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