TTDI residents worry about social impact of Rimba Kiara project

KUALA LUMPUR – Sept 15, 2016: Residents of Taman Tun Dr Ismail (TTDI) fear the proposed massive development near the Rimba Kiara Park will lead to social disorder if the density in  the neighbourhood multiplies.

Several of them who spoke to The Mole argued that the project could jeopardise the community’s harmony, considering that such a density would see diverse groups within the neighbourhood.

The project, which was made known to the public in June, involves the building of nine blocks of 52-storey service apartments (nearly 2,000 units) outside the front entrance of the park.

It was projected that the development would increase of the neighbourhood’s population from 60 people per acre ratio, to 979 people per acre.

Thus, for resident Sarah Sharina, 28, the development would bring more people with diverse backgrounds to TTDI.

“Well, let’s assume that there would be not fewer than five persons living in a unit. Then, there could be roughly 9,000 newcomers in the area.

“This would cause further social impact, here, in TTDI,” Sarah said.

“This would cause further social impact, here, in TTDI,” Sarah said.

“You would have to face thousands of new people, who are definitely different from you. To me, living in a larger scale of community, some would turn up to be selfish and disrespectful.

“This would cause further social impact,” she added.

Sarah also said that building nine blocks of service apartments near the park would only worsen the traffic congestion in the neighbourhood.

Irsyad Fauzi, 27, who has been living in TTDI since he was a child anticipated more problems caused by the further overcrowding of the area.

He said, it is irrelevant to build massive amount of apartments near the park as that it could imperil some parts of the park.

“The number of apartments that are said to be built is too much, and that would surely cause traffic congestion.

“To top it off, the park is part of the gazetted forest reserve of Taman Awam Berskala Besar of Bukit Kiara.

“Although there will be affordable houses, there might be other social problems. The developer should reduce the total amount of buildings to be built,” he added.

Irsyad, who is a financial analyst and a member of ‘Forever in Atlas’ band said that he and his bandmates had previously performed at the park during a FoodgasmFest several years ago, and reiterated that the park should remain as a public space for all.

“If they really want to build it there, leave a big portion of the park,” he added.



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