TTDI residents against high-rise project near Rimba Kiara park

KUALA LUMPUR – June 20, 2016: Taman Tun Dr Ismail (TTDI) residents are up in arms against a proposed high-rise project located at a busy intersection close to Rimba Kiara Park in their neighbourhood.

A Kuala Lumpur City Hall noticeboard displayed at the site last week stated that the proposed project comprises a 29-storey block of affordable housing (350 units), and eight blocks of 42 to 54-storey service apartments (1,766 units).

The project is sited on Lot Pt. 9244 off Jalan Tun Mohd Fuad, next to Taman Awam Berskala Besar Bukit Kiara.

The development would include an increase of density of the neighbourhood’s population from 60 people per acre ratio, to 979 people per acre.

The same notice was also advertised in several newspapers, dated June 14, stating that the affected residents may forward a written objection to the City Hall by June 28.

Many TTDI residents have since protested the development, fearing among others that traffic congestion would be worsened in their area if the project proceeds as planned.

Raja Amilia Azman, 62, a resident of TTDI for 28 years, believes that the project would cause such appalling congestion.

She pointed out that the project is located at one of the main entry and exit points of the area, which is surrounded by many other apartments and the area’s main pasar (market).

“I can imagine the access roads to the area will be so congested.

She said although there are several access roads in TTDI right now, building that many number of apartment blocks at that particular point will choke the area with worsening traffic congestion.

“I wouldn’t want to go that way if the project continues and gets completed,” Raja Amilia added.

She also said that the residents are concerned over the future density and security of the neighbourhood.

The people in the area are of a close-knit community, and since such development would bring more people to TTDI, it could eventually disrupt their tranquility.

“There are going to be loads of newcomers with diverse backgrounds.

“It is also known that a crowded neighbourhood is widely exposed to crimes. Such density will only make the situation even worse,” she added.

Aida Marie Mohamad, 43, told The Mole that the residents are worried of the traffic congestion once construction of the project takes place.

Aida Marie who has lived in the area for two years, said the development would certainly bring more commuters to TTDI.

“There will be more people around. We should either stop the project, or build alternative access roads.

“Perhaps they can build facilities, like swimming centre for children and recreational park. The area is very much jam-packed now,” she added.

Another long-time resident, Nur Lubis, 59, said it is unacceptable that such a project was approved by the local authority.

Nur, who moved to Taman Tun Dr Ismail in 1985 said it is sheer madness that anyone could approve a huge project in a small area that is set to increase the population by leaps and bounds.

“What madness! Are they crazy, greedy, blind?”

Nur said the project is of affordable housing not luxury apartments and therefore is not a bad thing.

“But the size is way over the top. Perhaps , it should be scaled down,” she suggested.

Meanwhile, plans to redevelop Taman Rimba Kiara have angered residents in Taman Tun Dr Ismail who are signing online petition and protest letterss to Kuala Lumpur City Hall.

There are now more than 1,000 signatures and increasing.

Many have expressed their concerns on Facebook, calling for a public protest against it.

Irene AL Lim : “Green should be protected. There are so many developments out there. Why do they have to choose this beautiful park? DBKL (City Hall)  should really reconsider.”

David Lee : “This park is for all age and generation of families to enjoy!

“In an urbanised environment, it’s bad enough that we don’t have enough greens… Yet, they are bringing in more developments.

“Why can’t we preserve some green lungs for the next generation?” .

TTDI Project 2

Rimba Kiara Park, TTDI, of which is near to the site of the proposed project.

“Stop destroying the parks,” Tera Ibrahim wrote, “We need the green, and Rimba Kiara is such a nice park to take a walk and release our stress.”

Melissa Gaspar :“What a stupid proposal! This park is a treasure!”

Liew Siew Leng:  “To all TTDI residents, especially those who are staying at Kiara Green and the longhouses next to the said land, let’s write objection letters and send them to DBKL by June 29.

“If everyone spends some time to do so, we can keep our green lung for our future generation,” Liew wrote.


A DBKL’s notice, issued on a local newspaper informing the residents of the proposed buildings.



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