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Ahirul Ahirudin
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KUALA LUMPUR – December 13, 2017: Last month Touch ‘n Go Sdn. Bhd. (TNGSB) received an international industry awards but it appears that there are still some complaints against it in terms of customers’ satisfaction.

The Mole today went to a Touch ‘n Go Hub at Nu Sentral to get public feedback, particularly on its policy which allows the company to deactivate a card after 12 months of inactivity.

Many of those interviewed expressed dissatisfaction with the policy, which is a part of the terms and conditions for the use of the card.

Some even went as far as to describe the condition as unfair.

One of them, who only wanted to be known as Kumar, said it is wrong for TNGSB to freeze the money he put in the card just because there were no transaction for some time.

“Years ago, I received this card for free and I never knew that there were such policies that allow TNGSB to freeze my money after a period of inactivity,” said Kumar from Puchong.

“To make things worse, I was told I would have to pay a dormant fee that increases if the period of inactivity is longer,” he added.

According to the terms and conditions, a Touch ‘n Go card will automatically be deactivated if there is no transaction for twelve months.

A dormant fee of RM 5.30 is charged to the card holder for every six months of inactivity after the card’s deactivation. This would be for seven years or until the balance of money in the card is depleted.

An elderly lady, who requested anonymity, commended the TNSGB customer service team at the hub for helping her solve the invalid card issue but said she thinks the policies could have been better.

“They told me I have to register the card online in order to proceed with the refund, which is a hassle for someone my age,” she said.

“I wish their policy is friendlier for non-tech geek like me.”

Another lady, who only wanted to be known as Rose, said a Touch ‘n Go card has become a necessity for everyone after almost all toll booths in Malaysia went cashless.

“Many will have more than one Touch ‘n Go card just in case they forget to top up the balance of the card they normally use. Of course the extra cards will not see action most of the time but with this invalid card policy, I’m worried I may not be able to use those even when I need it,” she said.

A staff at the hub gave a few tips on how to avoid being caught up with the problem. 

For starters, use the card at least once a year to avoid deactivation.

Those who prefer to have an extra card for emergency can use their identification card and reload money in it. It functions exactly like a Touch ‘n Go card without any expiration date or dormant fee to worry about. It’s perfect for an emergency card.

Attempts to get an official response from the company were not successful .



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