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Touch & Go goes full retard

Written by TheMole

March 26 2018

by Dave Avran

IT’s no secret that reloading a Touch N Go (TNG) card is a pain in the @ss. Those TNG reload terminals in shopping malls are a nice touch, but it’s still inconvenient that you can’t reload online or through an app.

To make matters worse, we are forced to use TNG on a daily basis.

TNG recently released a new app that allows you to reload your card right from your smartphone. But…drumroll please… this is Touch N Go we’re talking about, so of course there’s a snafu to make things a lot more inconvenient and unnecessarily complex than it should be.

Here’s how you reload your TNG card using your smartphone.

Download the TNG app (Android or iOS) and install it on your smartphone. The app functions as a mobile wallet, so you’ll have to top up some money into the app first. You can do this via credit card, debit card, online banking, or using a TNG Reload PIN. Reloading using a credit card will incur a surcharge. (Psst! Didn’t Bank Negara just tell retailers to stop imposing surcharges?)

When there’s money in your mobile wallet, you transfer funds to your TNG card. Just enter the serial number and follow the prompts in the app.

I followed the steps and reloaded RM10 but noticed that the money never made it to my card. Checking my transaction history in the TNG portal, I noticed that the reload never registered there either. So where was my money?

In pops a message from TNG into the app’s inbox, reminding me to “remember to pick-up the transfer amount at any Pickup Device locations within 24 hours”. Wtf is a Pickup Device?

Google didn’t have the answer (gasp!) so I drop TNG a message on Facebook and the response left me not knowing whether I should laugh or cry.

Apparently when you reload your TNG card with the mobile app, the credit doesn’t actually go straight to your card or your card’s account.

Instead, it’s held at something called a “Pick Up Device” (PUD). This means, before you can use the credit on your TNG card, you have to PHYSICALLY go to one of these PUD locations and tap the machine with your card, authenticating the transaction.

 Now that’s already a step backwards and super inconvenient, but the worst part is…ta dahhh… there are only TWO locations with PUD machines in the whole of Malaysia!

The first location is the TNG Hub in NU Sentral and the second is at their Customer Experience Centre (CEC) in Bangsar South.

Sadly the stupidity doesn’t stop here. When you reload your card with the mobile app, you only have 24 hours to physically make it to one of those two PUD locations or else your money gets returned to your e-Wallet and you have to start the whole process over again.

Here’s the thing – if you have to go all the way to a specific location just to reload your TNG card, why wouldn’t you just reload it at any of the thousands of other locations like petrol stations, toll booths, TNG terminals in malls? Like duh?

With complaints pouring in, Touch N Go has (surprise, surprise) suspended the reload app until further notice.

In their press statement, Touch N Go acknowledged that this PUD method is inconvenient and they will take steps to address this issue. For now, the reload function for the app will be discontinued until necessary refinements are made.

So it’s back to topping up via current channels including ATMs, tollbooths, convenience stores, petrol kiosks and dedicated Touch N Go terminals.

Alternatively, you can apply for a credit card linked Touch N Go Zing card which will automatically top itself up when your balance goes below RM50.

This is available from Maybank, CIMB, BSN, AEON and Hong Leong Bank. Do note there’s a transaction fee for each automatic reload.




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