Top data security concerns – identity theft, fraud, internet viruses, hacking

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KUALA LUMPUR, Oct 24 2018 : Malaysians are now more concerned about data security issues – identity theft, credit card fraud and internet viruses or hacking, according to the 2018 Unisys Security Index(TM).

Eight-six per cent of Malaysians are extremely concerned about identity theft – unauthorised access or misuse of personal information.

In term of bank card fraud, 86 per cent are similarly concerned about other people obtaining or using their credit/debit card details. While 80 per cent of surveyed Malaysians show that they are concerned about internet viruses or hacking.

These security concerns vary by location with a larger proportion of people living on the Peninsula concerned about the three data security issues whereas in East Malaysia, they are still more concerned about the physical threats of natural disasters and war or terrorism.

Based on the index, the security concerns of Malaysians is 215 out of 300 (300 represents the highest level of concern) – unchanged from 2017 and Malaysia is the third highest level of concern of the 13 countries surveyed, behind the Philippines and Colombia, a statement said.

Women are more concerned than men, younger people aged 18 to 24 years are more concerned than those aged over 55 years and those on low incomes are more concerned than Malaysians on high incomes.

“The high Unisys Security Index for Malaysia reflects the growing awareness of data security issues that are likely to impact consumers directly,” said solution director Financial Services, Unisys Asia Pacific, Ian Selbie.

He added that Malaysians are more open to embracing digital identities and to engage with government organisations than with banking or commercial entities.

“This indicates that Malaysian financial service providers need to gain trust and build consumer confidence in the new types of integrated financial services that will be available in the coming open banking environment,” Selbie said.

The 2018 Unisys Security Index is based on online surveys conducted Aug 19 to Sept 3, 2018 of nationally representative samples of at least 1,000 adults in Malaysia, Argentina, Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Colombia, Germany, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, Philippines, US and UK. More details atwww.unisyssecurityindex.com.my – Bernama



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