Tony Pua criticised for ‘hypocrisy’ on TMI’s blocking

KUALA LUMPUR – February 26, 2016: DAP’s Petaling Jaya Utara member of parliament Tony Pua had been accused of being a “hypocrite” following his Facebook posting condemning the government over the blocking of The Malaysian Insider (TMI).

In the posting, Pua claimed that the ruling government “are a bunch of cowards” when it resorted to the blocking of the online news portal yesterday.

Pua also said that the action against TMI stemmed from the government’s inability to prove criminal act by the news portal and “to rebut the truth”.

The Mole found that scores of netizens were angry with Pua for his posting, with many criticising him for being hypocritical due to his ‘habit’ of ‘blocking’ netizens from commenting on his Facebook and Twitter accounts.

Lim Sian See posted a screen grab of Pua’s posting and commented, “I am just asking. Is this also the same reason why I am blocked by Tony in Facebook?”

“Tony is a hypocrite. How about Tony blocking people from commenting in his Facebook and Twitter accounts? Perhaps he consider that (comments against him) as threats towards his lies” DK YS wrote.

Engku Suhaimi hit out at Pua by questioning, “Who have shown his record of ‘cowardice’ by running away from the waiting Arul Kanda for debate on 1Malaysia Development Berhad (1MDB)?

Another Facebook user Dahlia Dahalan chided that Pua’s move of blocking Facebookers appears to be contradicting to his own preaching on “freedom of speech”.

“They can block us (on Facebook), while they preach the freedom of speech to others.

“Why don’t just preach ‘freedom of speech for me, but not you’? Hypocrisy to the max,” Dahlia wrote.

“I got blocked by him (Pua) after asking about the comments he made on Lahad Datu intrusion and the ‘Sabah autonomy’ forum. What a shame,” Claymoar Han wrote.

Facebooker Zulkifli Jumat Khairul Izzat was of the same mind and believed that Pua is not ‘reliable enough’ to condemn the blocking of TMI, as his ‘blocking habit’ is more irritating.

“Do you know how many Facebook and Twitter users that have been blocked by Tony? He would block you straight away if you happen to post factual or opposing opinions on his postings.

“He shouldn’t have condemned the blocking of the news site, while he is doing the same to others” he wrote.



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