TnG reload facilities abolishment on PLUS highway raise concerns

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Ahirul Ahirudin
Written by Ahirul Ahirudin

KUALA LUMPUR – November 6, 2019: Imagine this, you are travelling south bound but when you were about to exit the highway, you suddenly realise that you had forgotten to reload your Touch ‘n Go (TnG) card balance.

Making things worst, is that now every single toll plaza exit lanes on PLUS highway no longer provide TnG reload facilities.

PLUS Malaysia Berhad (PMB) claims that the move to do away TnG reload facilities at all toll plaza exits is to better manage traffic caused by reload activities.

However, this means that PMB and Touch ‘n Go Sdn Bhd had also effectively removed the only way drivers can reload their TnG cards at toll exits.

So, how then, can the drivers reload the card if they happen to innocently forget to do that earlier? Will it cause even more congestions on the road as some may find themselves stranded at toll booths?

While it’s not the exact same situation, a Malaysian who goes by the name of Minaros recently shared in Twitter on how she got stranded at one of the toll booths at 10pm because the TnG’s system was apparently not integrated enough.

“Great so I’m stuck at the PLUS highway toll cos they don’t accept the e-wallet system (by TnG) and I have no money to top up my card,” she said.

Mina posted a picture and caption of her stranded at one of the PLUS highway toll booths.

Consecutively, the toll booth staff asked her to leave her car and walk to the petrol station in the middle of the night to top up her card.

There were some who criticised her for not reloading earlier or carry cash, but in her defense, she said that she didn’t know that some toll booths do not accept e-wallet system payment even if it is by the same company.

Whether will we see more of these cases now that there are no more TnG reload facilities at all toll exits on PLUS highway remains to be seen but it is certainly a valid concern among motorists.

Another concern that pops up in light of the reload facilities abolishment is the top-up kiosk itself. A user, Ilham Mikhail, tweeted his frustration  in trying to top up his TnG card at its reload kiosk.

“Exact change only, no balance will be given”. Picture was uploaded by Ilham in his Twitter account

“No Paywave (debit) option and no change if cash were used,” said Ilham.

Another TnG user, Amir, expressed his opinion that TnG should really make sure that all petrol stations allow for TnG top up and to completely eliminate the “system offline” problem.

“Every petrol stations should offer TnG top up and please don’t give us the system offline excuse. Yesterday I was having a bad time because the petrol station couldn’t top up my card,” said Amir through his Twitter account.

Meanwhile, TnG responded with a 15-second video informing users the existence of at least 11,000 top-up locations such as convenience stores and petrol stations nationwide, in lieu of the reload facilities abolishment.

The Mole’s repeated attempt to get further clarification from TnG failed.



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