TNB assures work at substation will be completed tonight


KUALA LUMPUR – Dec 19, 2016: Tenaga Nasional (TNB) has assured that it will speed up maintenance work at the Bukit Sadong substation so that it can be completed tonight.

The substation supplies electricity to Sungai Selangor water treatment plants and the maintenance work has resulted in water rationing by concessionaires in many areas in the Klang Valley from today to December 24).

According to TNB senior manager (media management) Mohd. Arshi Mat Daud, its technical team has been working hard to be within its 16-hour timetable.

“The work started at 8am today and will end at midnight. The process should only take one day. That’s why we have affirmed that we will stick to the 16-hour plan. We never said the process would take up several days,” he told The Mole.

Many have expressed annoyance on the water supply disruptions and directed their complaints at TNB over its decision to shut down the substation.

In a separate statement, chief corporate officer Datuk Roslan Ab. Rahman explained that TNB can no longer defer the maintenance process.

TNB had wanted to carry out the work earlier but had to adhere to a collective decision made with the National Water Services Commission (SPAN) and the concessionaires.

“Upgrading work at the substation was supposed to begin on September 27 but the water companies in Selangor disagreed.

“The collective decision was made at a meeting on October 31,” said Roslan, adding that representatives from Pengurusan Air Selangor and Syarikat Pengeluar Air Sungai Selangor were present.

A statement from Syarikat Bekalan Air Selangor Sdn. Bhd. clarified that the scheduled water rationing must be undertaken ahead of the full restoration of water supply.

“The water rationing or recovery plan must be carried out so that we can manage the delivery and distribution of our water tanks more effectively.

“We believe that with these initiatives, the recovery process can be accelerated and water supply fully recovered before December 24.”



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