Three battalions to enhance surveillance in Sabah waters

The army is there to beef up surveillance and assist ESSCom.

The army is there to beef up surveillance and assist ESSCom.

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ARAU — April 4, 2016: The army has sent three battalions to beef up surveillance in Sabah waters and assist the Eastern Sabah Security Command (ESSCom).

The additional forces were mobilised in the Sabah coastline and placed under the joint task force to further strengthen the ESSCcom security control.

Army chief General Tan Sri Raja Mohamed Affandi Raja Mohamed Noorsaid mentioned this when met after an honorary parade for special task force commander (army human resource division), Major-General Datuk Azmy Yahya, at the Bukit Cowder Camp, 30th Brigade Infantry Base, here today.

On a separate issue, Raja Affandi warned army personnel against being involved in activities contrary to their core duties.

“We view seriously the involvement of armed forces personnel in extremist or militant groups such as the Daesh.

“As such, the movements of armed forces personnel are being strictly monitored to ensure they do not stray,” he said.

He further expressed the army’s thanks and appreciation to Azmy who had served with integrity for 39 years.

Azmy also helped ensure public enforcement agencies performed their duties well during the floods which hit Kelantan in December 2014. — Bernama



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