The knives are out again on DAP man

KUALA LUMPUR – May 17, 2016: Scores of netizens continue to disparage DAP’s Taiping parliamentarian Nga Kor Ming for not openly apologising to Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak and wife Datin Seri Rosmah Mansor now that the libel suit against him is settled.

Last year, Najib, in his personal capacity, and Rosmah filed the lawsuit against Nga, alleging that the defendant had uploaded a photograph of them which was accompanied by critical remarks.

Nga, in his court statement yesterday, finally expressed his deepest regret over the picture, and claimed that he had withdrawn the comments ascribed to the picture and undertakes not to repeat the offence.

He was consequently instructed to upload the statement on Facebook within seven days from yesterday. Till now that hasn’t been done.

A Facebook page dedicated to him only says: “The above settlement is on the basis that no apology whatsoever is required and there is also no order as to cost.

“It is purely out of respect for the late Sultan of Perak because the picture had been misconstrued. Based on the above, the settlement is magnanimous and purely a goodwill.”

Many don not take kindly to the post.

Lim Sian See wrote: “He still refuses to admit that he has lost. Now he’s trying to use the late Sultan’s name to save his face.

“Nga, if you think you are not wrong, then please do not issue the written statement within seven days as ordered by the court.”

Athenadora Gaia commented: “Please be mature. People will respect you more if you admit your wrongdoing and apologise. Prove that you are better than this, Nga.”

“Based on the settlement, Nga should have posted his apology to Najib and Rosmah,” Om Aish wrote. “Instead, he had resorted to tell us that he is magnanimous and what not. This is so perplexing.”

Denbuck Msia wrote: “He knows he’s at the losing end, so he decided to express his regrets. But, he then humiliates himself more by bringing in the Sultan’s name. What a shame.”

Davis Tan wrote: “He is at the wrong side but he still refuses to admit it.”

Hussaini Amran suggested: “Nga, just post your apology here at Facebook!”




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