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The good, bad and Dark Side of Twitter

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Ahirul Ahirudin
Written by Ahirul Ahirudin

August 28, 2018 

What is the “Dark Side community” in Twitter? According to some users, it is a community within Twitter where members can freely express their alter-ego and make dark confessions without restrictions.

This is made possible because dark side accounts are anonymous, and the community is said to be less judgemental and more open minded to discuss various topics, including sexual-related issues and addiction of all sorts.

Some even use the platform to do hook-ups or sell sex toys, which are illegal according to Malaysian law.

One may access the community by just searching specific keywords on Twitter, like “ds account”, “ds acc” or “darkside confessions”.

So, why does this community exist? Is it solely for naughty chats and hook-ups? I don’t think so.

I have been exploring the dark side community for a week now and besides sexual-related topics, this community functions like a forum, where there can be questions and answers and also meaningful discussions.

For example, I stumbled upon this thread of a woman suffering from bipolar disorder and addiction to sex. In her explanation, she said she was raped twice by her own teacher and neighbour, causing her to be addicted to sex.

Her first time was when she was still a kid, about 10 years old, and that caused her to suffer panic attacks and depression later on. The people’s comments were mostly positive, telling her to be strong and giving her tips to overcome depression.

Now, if she were to share those stories with her real account and identity, would she receive the same response?

However, the Dark Side of Twitter is not all good. Here, many pornographic materials can be found and exist too are discussions on how to do bad things and ways of get away with them. 

For example, I encountered some dark side accounts promoting sex toys and also offering sex-related services which are definitely wrong not just from a society point of view but also under the law. 

Besides that, there are threads explaining how to enlarge one’s genital naturally. Seriously, you wouldn’t dare ask that with your real profile, would you? 

Lastly, one of the more common threads is where a person seeks advice and vents his frustration on how to move on from unrequited or taboo relationship.

So what does the Malaysian Communications And Multimedia Commission have to say about the Dark Side community within Twitter? So far, MCMC has yet to respond to inquiries.

As of today, a check with Twitter policy reveals that it is not wrong for a person to have multiple accounts, including fake ones, as long as these are not used to impersonate or break Twitter rules.



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