Terengganu leaders told to put ego aside for love of Umno

Veterans want MB Ahmad Razif and predecessor Ahmad Said to stop fbeing at loggerhead for the sake of Terengganu Umno

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KEMAMAN, Aug 7 2016 : “If you really love the party (Umno), then calm down, stop blaming each other, put aside your ego and solve the problem wisely.”

This is the message from several Umno veterans to Terengganu Menteri Besar Ahmad Razif Abdul Rahman and his predecessor, Datuk Seri Ahmad Said, in the light of the current political turmoil in the state.

Former Kemasik assemblyman Datuk Abu Bakar Ali, for one, believed that discussion was the best solution and that he hoped Ahmad would give the chance to Ahmad Razif to administer the state in his own way, with the help from the Terengganu executive council (exco) members and Umno.

“Help him (Ahmad Razif) to administer (the state) well. He will not succeed if others do not help him.

“Each leader were given the chance to run the state. When the time is up, they should give the chance to their successor to carry out the task.

“If we keep finding fault and drag everything into a dispute, who will gain out of this?,” asked Abu Bakar who had entered politics in 1970 and served as Kemasik assemblyman for five terms.

Echoing the same sentiment was former Ajil assemblyman Datuk Rosol Wahid who said the process of dissolving a state legislative assembly was not easy as it involved the palace and reflected the party’s image.

“Continue giving undivided support to Ahmad Razif because this is the time to unite, not finding anyone’s fault,” said the State Communications Unit director.

Meanwhile, Universiti Malaysia Terengganu’s Department of Nationhood and Civilisation lecturer Dr Hamdan Aziz concurred with Ahmad Razif’s view several days ago that the core to this problem was the small two-seat majority secured by Barisan Nasional in the state assembly.

In the last general election, Terengganu BN only won 17 state seats while the opposition secured 15 seats, 14 of which by Pas and one by PKR.

“If a BN member (state assemblyman) decides to leave the party and join the opposition, the number of (state) seats will tie to 16-16, making it possible for the opposition to rule the state,” said the political analyst.

Hamdan said he was confident that BN would not take the risk of holding a snap state election, given the unstable political scenario.

As for now, the leaders in the state must be rational, not to blame each other and not to come out with any statement that can make the situation worse, he said.

He also urged all quarters to give space and chance for Ahmad Razif to continue serving as the Menteri Besar until the next general election. – Bernama



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