Tabung Haji’s SOP sufficient during emergency

Pilgrims being greeted by Tabung Haji personnel upon their arrival in Mecca.

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MECCA, Aug 10 2018 : The Tabung Haji (TH) standard operating procedures (SOP) on safety is sufficient to guide TH workers in handling emergency cases in the holy land.

Maktab 87 TH manager for the 1439H haj season Khairoddin Ahmad said the crane-collapse tragedy in Mecca in September 2015 was an experience that gave him better insight on ways to improve handling of the haj pilgrims and their welfare.

“Even during training back home (in Malaysia), we have been exposed to the risk and what should be done during emergency,” he told a media conference here today.

For the current haj season, he said, the Maktab 87 management team  comprised 11 workers.

“All Maktab managers have been provided the SOP for important matters in the haj pilgrimage, like movement during the  Masyair, namely for the wukuf in Arafah and then to Muzdalifah and Mina.

“We need proper and coordinated planning. For the Masyair operation, the 11 of us will be assisted by workers from the welfare division,” he added.

Khairoddin said he learned alot from the crane-collapse incident which occurred on Sept 11, 2015, killing 180 haj pilgrims and injuring 238 others. Seven Malaysian pilgrims were killed and 11 others injured in the incident.

“The most important lesson learnt is the need for pilgrims to forge friendship, especially with their roommates, who are the people closest to them and who will help them in times of need.

“So, the need for pilgrims to be cooperative and tolerant,” he added.

He said 1,900 pilgrims who were accommodated at Maktab 87, out of the total 2,932 pilgrims, had arrived in Mecca.

The remaining are expected to arrive through two flights soon, he added. – Bernama



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