Syed Saddiq denies making false police report

Written by TheMole

KAJANG — Jan. 30, 2020: Youth and Sports Minister Syed Saddiq Syed Abdul Rahman has denied filing a false police report claiming that blogger Papagomo after nomination for the Semenyih by-election in February last year.

According to Syed Saddiq, he had not watched any video footage of the incident before the report was lodged, in which the blogger was accused of grabbing him by the neck and shoulder.

“I only watched the video a few days after the incident and when it was uploaded on social media,” he explained when the video was referred to by Papagomo’s lawyer Logen Narayanan in the trial against Papagomo or Wan Muhammad Azri Wan Deris who is charged with voluntary causing hurt and insulting the modesty of Syed Saddiq.

But the minister agreed with the lawyer’s suggestion that he had not specified the date or location of the incident in the police report.

When asked by the lawyer at which point of the video recording he was held by the accused, Syed Saddiq said it happened at the 23rd minute of the recording.

Naraynan also questioned Syed Saddiq on a previous statement in court in which said he was attacked by Papagomo from behind, when he (Syed) was in fact looking ahead and could not have possibly known who it was that came after him from behind.

On further questioning, Syed Saddiq disagreed with the suggestion that Papagomo had not held him by the neck with a hand.

Syed Saddiq also disagreed that there were contradictions between the information in the police report and statements made in court last November.

The hearing before magistrate Muhammad Noor Firdaus Rosli continues on March 4.



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