Sustainable practices high on Petronas agenda

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KUALA LUMPUR — Nov. 6, 2019: As part of its responsibility to stakeholders, national oil company Petronas is putting strong emphasis on sustainable practices. 

And since its inception in 1974, Petronas’ sustainable practice has expanded with its recent enhancement on its Statement of Purpose to strengthen the group as an energy and solutions provider.

According to its vice-president (Group health, safety, security and environment) Dzafri Sham Ahmad, the statement gives Petronas greater meaning for its existence.

“Taking a cue from our Statement of Purpose, we have established our sustainability agenda that revolves around four lenses, namely value creation, safeguarding the environment, positive social impact and responsible governance,” he said at the Malaysia SDG Summit 2019 today. 

The four lenses will give Petronas a better sense of direction and focus on all activities under sustainability.

In his keynote address, Dzafrin said it is absolutely imperative for Petronas to instil the right culture and mindset within the organisation that would enable it to focus on growing its business responsibly while benefiting the people and the environment in a sustainable manner.

The sustainability agenda is a reflection of Petronas’ commitment to sound economic growth and the environmental, social and governance components.

The agenda also embraces the seven Sustainable Development Goals that have been prioritised to further provide focus in efforts and initiatives under the agenda.  — Bernama



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