Superman Hew hammered again for racist remarks after badminton wins

Zaidi Azmi
Written by Zaidi Azmi

Hew Kuan Yau, who quit the DAP after he was mired in controversy for inciting racial sentiments during the Sarawak election and making pro-China comments over the South China Sea dispute, is once again involved in a tiff, this time about the Malaysian badminton players’ progress into the finals of the Rio Olympic.

KUALA LUMPUR – Aug 17, 2016: Former DAP rabble-rouser Hew Kuan Yau has been slammed by many, including his own supporters, after he politicised the Malaysian badminton team’s outstanding achievements so far in the Olympic Games.

Via his Facebook account, Hew, who is widely known as the “DAP superman”, wrote this in Chinese:

“污桶聽好,如果華人真的 balik cina,馬來西亞奧運吃蕉啦!” (Listen properly Umno. If Chinese really go back to China then Malaysia will eat banana in the Olympics)

Ironically, on the second paragraph of Hew’s posting, the former DAP Teluk Intan chief who despite his resignation is still known to be actively involved with DAP, wrote this:

“Sini tanah Malaysia, bumi Malaysia! Kita semua anak Malaysia, no more racism.” (This is Malaysian soil, the land of Malaysia! We are all Malaysianz, no more racism.)

In his contentious posting, Hew had also shared a cartoon of the mixed doubles pair of Goh Liu Ying and Chan Peng Soon who are in the final after besting China’s Chai Biao and Hong Wei yesterday.

Hew’s posting caused an acrid backlash from many Malaysians who strongly felt that “he was the one who is being racist”.

“Many ethnic compatriots cheered for our players; this glory is definitely for all Malaysians,” wrote Chong Chen Hooi, “Don’t have to drag politics into it.”

“This will only worsen racism in Malaysia. Why can’t you peacefully congratulate them?”

“As a DAP supporter, I am really glad that you left DAP,” Benjamin Ang wrote in the comment sections of Hew’s post, “You continue to be so extreme DAP will also kena (suffer).”

“Please stop this as we want to stop racism and it has to start from oneself,” wrote Lee Keong Tan.

“Sports unite Malaysian! Please don’t drag politics into it. It’s irritating,” wrote Stephanie Keh Chee Lu.

However, those who neither supportive of Hew nor DAP spared no kind words.

“Only people with no self-confidence have to keep reminding others about their race!” Chan Chong Leong wrote. “We are Malaysian! No need to purposely remind us which race brings pride to the nation. Don’t drag politics into sports.”

“I respect Chinese who live peacefully with all races but some dog and pig spread lies and almost all of them play racist issue,” wrote Azhar Iswaan.

Another Facebooker, David Lim deemed that Hew has no sense of national identity.

“Adding insult to injury vis-a-vis racial harmony in Malaysia,” he wrote, “In China, such political moron would have been thrown into jail a long time ago.”

There were also those who pointed out that it was hypocritical of Hew to claim that he shunned racism because the two paragraphs of his posting contradicted each other.

“In this post you promoted racism in the Chinese writing but asked for no racism in the Malay writing. It’s a shame to have a Malaysian like you,” wrote Firdause Jesfrydi.

“DAP is so and still stupid! They think there are no Malays who can read Chinese! The Chinese part of the post is so full of racism but the Malay part is a 100% contradiction of it (the Chinese part of Hew’s post),” Chak Chun San wrote.



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