More use of air-cond main cause of higher power bills

Tenaga Nasional Berhad

KUALA LUMPUR – April 21, 2016: Local cyberspace is clogged with complaints by netizens directed at Tenaga Nasional Berhad (TNB) following the hike in their electricity bills.

Scores of Facebook users have been railing against the national utility giant on its official page TNB Careline, with some claiming that their bills have nearly doubled or tripled.

Wan Ahmad Muizz wrote, “My bills were in the range of RM300 to RM360 per month. We have three air-conditioners, but we seldom use all three at the same time. The duration of our usage has not changed much.

“However, my bill charges had increased to over RM540 last month, compared to RM350 in December last year. Please assist us in this matter, TNB Careline,” Wan Ahmad added.

Drac Strong chided, “TNB, my bills had increased by 200 per cent! Looking at the bills from January to last month, I would have probably punched myself if I were not sane enough.”

“I have to pay for over RM500 last month. This is extremely tiring,” Khairul Aswad Ramli complained, “I have even asked for TNB’s staff to come and inspect our electric meter. TNB, please do something about this.”

TNB when queried responded that the sudden hike in electricity bills is due to the increased usage of electrical appliances, now that consumers are experiencing prolonged hot and dry weather.

A media release by the utility giant stated that with the ensuing El Nino phenomena over the past few months, electricity consumption has been pushed to its highest in the Peninsular Malaysia.

It said, the electricity consumption was recorded at an all-time high peak demand of 17, 788 megawatts (MW) on Tuesday, an increased by 38 per cent from 12, 906MW recorded on Jan 1.

“The heat during the day has a prolonged effect that lasts up to the following day, and this has influenced the use of appliances especially air-conditioning units, which relatively use more electricity compared to other appliances, TNB said in the statement.

“Consumers would normally lower the temperatures on their air-conditioning units, increase fans speeds, and extend the use of air-conditioning, all of which have caused spike in usage and higher charges,” it added.

According to the statement, the use of electrical appliances that are not maintained properly could also cause the increase in electricity consumption.

TNB pointed out that a case study in Selangor showed that a consumer who turned his three air-conditioning units for five hours a day in December last year, has increased usage to eight hours a day this month.

It also said, the consumer’s recent usage has led to increase in power consumption from 428 kilowatt-hour (kWh) to 598kWh.

“The customer faced an increase of usage by 40 per cent, causing his bill to hike up from RM125 to RM231,” it added.

Consumers looking for tips on conserving electricity can download TNB’s advisory at www.tnb.com.my.



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