Stroke victim Sahrom back home but not out of the woods yet

“He had a series of amnesia and a searing headache. I immediately called the ambulance and afterwards the doctors told me that he has a brain hemorrhage (a type of stroke) and needed surgeries,” Amalina recounted during the conference.

Zaidi Azmi
Written by Zaidi Azmi

SUBANG JAYA — January 17, 2019: Her eyes were somewhat puffy and the dark circles underneath them were quite noticeable. It was clear that the travail which Nur Amalina Sahrom has had to endure cost her a lot of good night’s sleep.

“It was only when we landed in Malaysia that my heart was at ease,” said Amalina prior to a thank-you press conference at a hospital here today for those who helped the repatriation of her stroke-stricken father, Sahrom Ahmad, from London.

Both returned yesterday after a month-long drama of insurance dispute, which led to an international donation drive to raise enough money for the family to the medical and repatriation costs.

But the retiree of Tenaga Nasional Berhad (TNB) is not out of the woods yet. A scan has shown that he is in an acute phase of kidney dysfunction.

“We are working to stabilise his kidney functions to ensure he does not acquire an ongoing infection. His vital signs are currently stable, he’s alert, he’s moving his limbs and he is aware of his surrounding,” said Dr. Muruga Kumar Rajoo.

Sahrom flew to London to attend Amalina’s graduation on last December 17 but ended up missing the ceremony after suffering the stroke a day after arriving on December 12 and had to immediately undergo surgery.

Two weeks after the surgery, doctors at the Charing Cross Hospital deemed Sahrom fit for repatriation. Amalina contacted her father’s travel insurance provider, AXA.

AXA at first told her the company could not pay her upfront as her father’s policy was that of pay-first-claim-later basis. They then told her her father’s illness would not be covered. After his story went viral AXA offered the family RM100,000.

The family declined the money as at that time they had collected enough through donations to her mother’s bank accounts and the crowd-funding website, GoFundMe.

The family has so far paid the hospital £10,000 of the £74,000 bill. The payment will be in installments as GoFundMe will stagger the release of the money.

Sahrom is now warded at the Subang Jaya Medical Centre. His medical cost here, expected to range between RM10,000 and RM20,000, will be paid by TNB.

Additional reporting by: Shaira Idris



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