Sperm donation programme only for non-Muslims

Sunfert @ Bangsar South

Sunfert @ Bangsar South

Ahirul Ahirudin
Written by Ahirul Ahirudin

KUALA LUMPUR — March 16, 2018: A fertility centre in Bangsar South has clarified that its sperm donor programme is only for non-Muslims.

The clarification from Sunfert International senior manager of planning and development Michelle Chan comes following discussions in social media regarding donating sperm for money. 

“We offer a variety of fertility services including altruistic sperm donation for couples. This treatment is only allowed for non-Muslims,” she wrote in an email.

fatwa has been in place that does not allow Muslims to donate their sperm.

Chan also explained that a sperm donor will have to undergo extensive counselling and consent process by a qualified counsellor and also undergo physical examination and blood tests. This is in accordance with international guidelines.

As for payment, she said donors will be reimbursed with a token fee which should cover their meals, travel expenses and time taken off work. Chan did not specify the amount to be paid.

tweet by Wan Mohd. Firdhaus claims that a donor can earn as much as RM2,500 for 10 successful freezing of the sperm. The claim triggered many responses, with many, including Muslims, indicating interest to donate.

However, Chan said the centre is not in need of sperm donors for the time being.



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