Special parking fee for MRT is there for the taking

Zaidi Azmi
Written by Zaidi Azmi

KUALA LUMPUR – July 21, 2017: MRT Corporation has clarified that only those who use the same Touch ’N’ Go (TNG) card for the Mass Rapid Transit will enjoy the complementary RM4.30 per entry parking rate.

Failing to do so will cause commuters to be charged the standard hourly parking rate at the stations parking facility.

“The same card used to enter the Park and Ride parking has to be used at the fare gates of the station before boarding the MRT because this is the only way we can differentiate who has parked and ridden on the train, and who has not,” said MRT Corp director of strategic communications and stakeholder relations Datuk Najmuddin Abdullah in a statement today.

Najmuddin was responding to complaints from users of the Park and Ride along the Sungai Buloh – Kajang Line who were upset with having to pay more despite also using the MRT.

In addition to having to use the same card, there are other steps that users need to follow to enjoy the fixed parking rate.

On the return journey, users must ensure that the same TNG card is used to exit the station and then exit the Park and Ride.

“Please take note that tapping in during the first journey, and tapping out during the return journey, has to take place at the same station, which is the MRT station that is attached to the Park and Ride.

“We have had instances where a user took the train at a station attached to a Park and Ride and then returned to the park and ride by bus. This will result in the standard hourly rate being charged,” explained Najmuddin.

In addition, on the return leg there is a time limit of two hours between a user tapping out of the fare gates at the MRT station and to exit the Park and Ride.

Users should also be aware that if they use the same TNG card for the Park and Ride to tap in at the fare gates at a station, and then exit the fare gates at the same station without getting out at another station, they will also be charged the standard hourly rate.

“What this means is that if a person enters a station, takes the train everywhere but does not get out at any station, then returns to the station where he or she began the journey and tap out there, he or she will not get the special rate,” he explained

MRT Corp will add more signs at the Park and Ride to explain what needs to be done so that users can enjoy the special flat rate per entry for motorists who use the MRT.



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