Social media users don’t need Finas licence

Zaidi Azmi
Written by Zaidi Azmi

KUALA LUMPUR – July 24, 2020: Social media users can continue creating video contents without having to apply for a licence from the National Film Development Corporation Malaysia (Finas),

The Cabinet decided on this so as not to curtail freedom of expression.

In confirming this today, Communication and Multimedia Minister Datuk Saifuddin Abdullah said it was also decided that the Finas Act will be amended accordingly.

“Social media users are free to use whatever platforms available such as TikTok and YouTube to create and upload videos without licence or any fear of prosecution from Finas,” said Saifuddin in a statement.

Saifuddin came under heavy criticisms yesterday after he told Parliament that those producing video recordings must have the Finas licence.

He later in the day denied that the government wanted to enforce the ruling, adding that he was only reading out the Act.

Saifuddin had alluded to the Act to clarify the government’s probe on the Aljazeera news channel over its documentary on illegal immigrants in Malaysia during the Covid-19 lockdown.

On Monday, Finas said that the documentary was unlawful as Aljazeera did not have a film production licence nor did it apply for accreditation from Finas.

Aljazeera however argued that the 101 East weekly current affairs show which screened the documentary does not fall into the category of a film requiring a licence.



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