Consumers not too affected by new cooking oil prices

KUALA LUMPUR – November 15, 2016: Some consumers are saying that they are not affected much by the higher cooking oil prices since November 1, contrary to what has been said on social media.

Those who spoke to The Mole said that this essential item usually lasts up to several months, depending on a household’s consumption.

Hamidah Baidi, a 50-year-old housewife, is not bothered by the new subsidy rationalisation plan for the item. “I cook almost every day but even a bottle weighing 2kg can lasts up to two months. I only have to spend extra on a new bottle once in a while. We may need a lot of oil when we cook during special occasions but it’s not like this happens every month.”

Teacher Deh Fatimah, 44, agrees. “We don’t use cooking oil as much as we think we do. I assume that we only use several tablespoons of oil to sauté a meal, unless we’re cooking for a big family. Other than that, I am okay with the current price.”

Suhaidah S., 28, a quantity surveyor, is on the same page. “I have yet to experience a price increase in food items. Perhaps, those who are greatly affected by the price increase should opt for oil-free cooking or non-oily foods.”

Online businesswoman Tatinorhajar Mohd. Jakere, concurred, and adds that the current situation should be viewed positively. “The good side to this is that we may avoid oily dishes and start consuming healthier meals.”

Noor Faizie Azli, a 26-year-old, is of the same opinion. “I am not affected, really. But if I am, I would surely find alternatives instead of complaining. I think other people should too.”

But policewoman Norhayu Halidi thinks the price hike is too much. “I used to buy a bottle for RM13.35 but now it is higher by RM10. I pity those with a big family. In my neighbourhood even the subsidised ones are under-supplied.”

Federation of Malaysian Consumer Associations deputy president Mohd. Yusof Abdul Rahman continues to advise consumers to remain unruffled.

“From what I know, people do not use loads of cooking oil per day, unless they need to deep-fry. We note that families with a low household income might be greatly affected but we still have the 1kg subsidised packet sold for only RM2.50,” he said.

He also assured that the authorities are currently ensuring an adequate supply of the subsidised packets.



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