SL1M provides chances for all job seekers

About 10,000 participants were offered on-the-spot job interviews yesterday.

About 10,000 participants were offered on-the-spot job interviews yesterday.

KUALA LUMPUR – Feb 22, 2017:  The Open Interview Programme organised by the 1Malaysia Training Scheme (SL1M) this week offers a fair chance for all job seekers at all levels of their career.

Several participants who talked to The Mole today said it allows fresh graduates and those who were recently retrenched to apply for new working positions.

The two-day programme kicked off at Putra World Trade Centre (PWTC), here yesterday.

Its central zone edition features over 100 reputable companies, offering 25,000 vacancies at various qualification levels.

Among the companies participating are Malaysia Airports Holding Berhad, Celcom Axiata Berhad, Petronas Berhad and Texas Chicken Malaysia.

The programme ends today.

For participant Azman Nuh, 46, the open interview programme gives him the chance to try his luck in securing a job that is suitable to his qualification.

Azman, who worked as a driver at a property development company for about 25 years, said he aims to secure similar job today.

“This is my first time attending the programme by SL1M.

“The usual career fair would have an age limit and the jobs offered by the companies might not be as vast.

“In fact, the application process ran smoothly. I’ve attended two interviews for two separate companies today,” Azman, who had been retrenched recently, said.

Junior executive of telesales marketing Nurhijriah Ismail, 24, thinks the programme is a suitable avenue for fresh graduates to seek for employability enrichment courses.

Nurhijriah, who was a SL1M trainee with the Malaysia Airlines Berhad last year, said the courses offered help improve both soft skills and on-the-job abilities.

“Most companies required us to have experience of over one year. Such a requirement is impossible for those who have just graduated.

“Hence, one way to beat that is by enrolling in training schemes. It helped me to secure my current job easily,” Nurhijriah, who is looking for a new job today, commented.

A 23-year-old graphic design graduate Amirul Afiq Shariff from Universiti Teknologi Mara agrees.

“I’m willing to undergo any relevant training courses and hope to be employed soon after the programme. Besides, it’s good that the interview programme invites people from all walks of life.”

SL1M secretariat Norfazariah Ishak told The Mole that each company offers about 50 working positions for the participants.

She said the two-day programme also provides brief seminar that gives professional tips for job interviewees.

“The whole purpose is to boost their confidence.

“This event has vacancies for those with a minimum Primary Six academic qualification, up to PhD graduates. There are even positions that only require the applicant to be literate,” she added.

The extensive event is expected to attract 40,000 visitors.

As of yesterday, over 10,000 participants have been offered on-the-spot job interviews.

The nationwide career event will next head to Universiti Malaysia Pahang Kampus Gambang on March 29 and 30.

SL1M is launched in 2011 under the Prime Minister’s Department’s Economic Planning Unit.

It is intended to develop the potential in graduates, while strengthening the country’s human capital.

It has directly and indirectly assisted 99,000 participants to date.



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