Singapore PM’s brother will not contest election

Lee Hsien Yang

Written by TheMole

June 30, 2020

Lee Hsien Yang, the estranged brother of Singapore’s prime minister Lee Hsien Loong will not contest in the republic’s coming general election on July 10.

Contrary to earlier speculations about his possible candidacy, local news reports did not include Hsien Yang among the candidates who today registered their intent to stand in the election.

Hsien Yang and Hsein Loong have been involved in a bitter family dispute with the former joining the opposition against the ruling People’s Action Party {PAP) founded by their father Lee Kuan Yew.

PAP, which has ruled Singapore since its independence in 1965 currently holds 83 parliament seats to the opposition’s six.

Hsien Yang, who is a businessman has attacked PAP after a feud with his brother over their father’s house, accusing the party of mainly serving the elite in society, among other things.



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