Huge Chinese support for BN in Sekinchan a big surprise

SUNGAI BESAR – June 18, 2016: The biggest surprise of Barisan Nasional’s (BN) victory in Sungai Besar was the significant number of votes it won in Sekinchan, a Chinese majority area known as a DAP stronghold.

This could serve as a primary indicator that a significant amount of Chinese support is coming back to BN after the  Chinese tsunami against the coalition in the 2013 13th general election.

Polling in Sekinchan showed that BN managed to win 2,909 votes compared to the DAP-backed Amanah’s 3,502.

Pas, which received overwhelming support from constituents in the area when it was an ally of DAP and PKR in 2013, only got 292 votes.

The result significantly shows that the support towards the ruling coalition has improved, even in areas where the Chinese votes bank was originally in favour of the opposition.

After the official result was announced here tonight, BN candidate Budiman Mohd Zohdi described the victory in Sekinchan as rather unexpected.

Budiman said he had no specific winning formula in the area, except that he made it known to the constituents that he was determined to improve their lives.

“I treat the people in Sekinchan the same way I have treated my constituents in Sungai Panjang,” he said.

Budiman is the assemblyman of Sungai Panjang, which is the other state constituency within the Sungai Besar parliamentary seat.

“My promise to the people of Sekinchan is that I will work towards enlivening their wet market and build a parliamentary service centre for them,” he added.

Budiman won the three-cornered fight after receiving 16,800 votes, giving him a majority of 9,191.

Parti Amanah Negara (Amanah) candidate Azhar Abdul Shukur received 7,609 votes, while Pas candidate Dr Abdul Rani Osman had 6,902.

BN won Sungai Besar in 2013 by only 399 votes.




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