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ASB investors to get 7.25 sen dividend/bonus & 1 sen special bonus

Tan Sri Abdul Wahid Omar

Tan Sri Abdul Wahid Omar

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KUALA LUMPUR — Dec. 22, 2017: Permodalan Nasional Berhad (PNB) is distributing 8.25 sen a unit for ASB investors for this year, comprising a dividend of seven sen, bonus of 0.25 sen and a special bonus of one sen for up to 10,000 units, a total 1 sen more than last year’s.

The units re-invested from the dividend and bonus will be credited into unit holders’ accounts on January 1 while the special bonus will be paid in March to coincide with PNB’s 40th anniversary.

The total distribution of RM10.7 billion will benefit 9.1 million unit holders who own more than 145.6 billion units.

The distribution for this year is the highest in three years. In 2015 PNB declared a dividend of 7.25 sen and a bonus of .5 sen and last year it was a dividend of 6.75 sen and bonus of 0.5 sen.

At a briefing today on PNB’s 2017 fourth quarter update, Group Chairman Tan Sri Abdul Wahid Omar said the majority of unit holders, numbering 7.5 million with  a balance of up to 10,000 units, will get an effective return of 8.25 sen a unit while 800,000 unit holders who own between 10,001 and 40,000 units will receive at least 7.5 sen.

The remaining 700,000 unit holders will receive at least 7.26 sen.

According to Bernama, PNB also announced an income distribution of 3.65 sen per unit for its first variable-price fund, Amanah Saham Nasional (ASN), for FY17.

This translates into a dividend yield of five per cent and contributing to a year-to-date total return of 15 per cent as at last December 21.

As at November 30, ASN recorded a net income of RM72.65 million. The total income distribution of RM69.4 million will benefit 1.2 million unit holders with 1.9 billion units.

Describing 2017 as an eventful year for PNB,  Wahid said the company’s net income grew 7.1 per cent to RM15.4 billion while total assets under management rose 4.6 per cent to RM276.5 billion as of November from RM264.3 billion in the same period last year.

Unit trust funds constituted RM232.6 billion of this amount, while the rest was PNB’s own proprietary funds.



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