Sazzy Falak’s Warisan Chik steals the spotlight at KL Fashion Week 2015

Nikita Nawawi
Written by Nikita Nawawi

KUALA LUMPUR – August 17, 2015: It was as if you could hear The White Stripes belting the Seven Nation Army anthem at some music festival.

You could almost feel the heat fading as the sun is falling below the horizon while the wind gently caressing your hair, living the beat in an ocean of strangers.

That was the fantasy one would feel watching Sazzy Falak’s Warisan Chik (Chik’s Heritage) collection, displayed on the catwalk at the Kuala Lumpur Fashion Week (KLFW) -Ready to Wear 2015 which ends on Sunday.

The stunningly good looking 34-year-old actress had debuted her collection under the brand name Street Fashion KL (SFKL).

The runway was meanwhile covered with a taste of localised bohemian and hippie styles.

Fresh from Sazzy’s atelier, SFKL invaded KLFW like no one ever has. From summer’s most coveted trend, the kimono tops to the chevron maxi dresses, the collection put up just the right amount of razzmatazz a fashion show should have.

Known for her love of prints and patterns, Sazzy emphasised on just that with a little more attention on the range and intensity of colours in every piece put forward.

Warisan Chik also celebrates women of all shapes and sizes. From the maxi dresses – be it full sleeve or bandeau to the mini dresses; the collection compliments women with a long torso as well as those who are in petite sizes.


Speaking to the woman of the hour after the star-studded event wrapped-up, Sazzy (pic) admitted that Warisan Chik did not stray far from SFKL’s trademark – prints.

“Even from my previous collections, I have been using ethnic prints and put a modern twist to it. I started off using batik but over the years the patterns have gotten more intricate and different.

“What I have done this time around is that I made sure I have solid colours so that it would not be just about the prints.

“I believe I went an extra mile this season as Warisan Chik is truly a representation of who I am as an individual and where I came from. I speak of my heritage in my body of work,” she said.

The Kuala Lumpur-born actress added that her latest installment was her way of paying homage to her grandmother, who was the inspiration for the collection’s appellation.

“You see, I am a Minangkabau, my ancestors were from Sumatera and I incorporated the diversity of different cultures that I am a part of into the collection. It is really a mixture of who I am.

“It was along the way of the designing process when I realised that my passion for prints actually came from my own background, from where I came from,” she said.

Though she was famously known for her acting role as Shasha in Gol & Gincu movie back in 2005,  Sazzy is no stranger to the fashion industry.

In 2013, she was featured in the PLITZS New York City Fashion Week alongside fellow Malaysian Norjuma Habib Mohamed.

“New York being one of the fashion capitals of the world for many years, the vibe is definitely different than KLFW as the fashion weeks there are more independent.

“However, I am in such an awe seeing how the organiser, Andrew Tan of Andrew’s Models came up with such a fantastic fashion week programme for all of us.

“Andrew is providing local fashion designers the platform to showcase our talent and with the buyers coming in from different countries, checking out our collections, I would say that we are getting there, definitely,” said Sazzy optimistic.

On another development, the mother of two showed no sign of slowing down after her presentation at the KLFW as she is set to take the region by storm on a fashion makeover reality television show How Do I Look Asia premiering this August 31.

“I am going to be travelling around Asia alongside the original host of the show, Jeannie Mai. We all know that Jeannie is such a huge character with a big personality. So it is definitely going to be fun and nerve-racking at the same time,” she said humbled.

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Peak of Warisan Chik

As soon as the light started hitting the center stage, Warisan Chik spared no time enthralling fashion enthusiasts who attended the slot.

High-profile celebrities in the front row including actresses Nur Fazura, Sara Ali, Yasmin Hani and the Chong sisters, Vanessa and Pamela were spotted cheering as the models graced the runway.

Pamela Chong when met after the curtain was rung down shared her excitement over the latest creation by SFKL.

“I just loved Sazzy’s collection. There are so many pieces in there that had me like, “oh my god this calls for holiday”. I would even go on a holiday just to wear her pieces.

“I was instantly captivated when the first ensemble came out, the blue kimono was effortlessly flowing on the runway. Sazzy’s precision on the colouring of the fabric this year is evident,” she noted.

Chong opined that despite the raging interpretation of caftans and kimonos by different designers over the years, Sazzy manages to set herself apart with her wisdom in fabric selection.

“She really finds nice prints and I think that is what sets her apart from other designers,” she said.

Commenting on the local fashion scene, Chong acknowledged the evolution of the industry as she believed young designers today have started taking a daring and more risky approach in their work.

“Surely, we need to take baby steps in order to compete in the global market but looking back in the last five years; we have jumped so fast and got so far. We used to have nothing but now we have our own fashion week.

“Looking at the presentation throughout the week; I can see that our designers are definitely stepping up to the plate and someday, they would certainly put Malaysia on the map as one of the recognised fashion destinations,” she added.

The other Chong sister, Vanessa raved on Warisan Chik’s flexibility in letting the wearer mix and match the pieces with other items of one’s personal choosing.

“I would definitely sport this look in my daily routine. I would even wear this if I am going on a holiday in the United Kingdom especially for autumn. I would love to bring a slight of Malaysian style there,” she said.

Actress ChaCha Maembong was also one of the celebrities sitting in the front row who praised Warisan Chik’s collection to the skies.

“Sazzy’s collection is truly unique and the looks are accessible for both youngsters and adults.

“All pieces could be sported for day and night wear. If you plan to go out and hang out with your friends, the pieces are very simple to put together and it is really a manifestation of my style; simple and nice,” she said.

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