Information head wants probe into big PKR Julau membership increase

Vernon Kedit and other Sarawak PKR leaders arriving at the MACC office.

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KUCHING — Oct. 25, 2018: Sarawak PKR information chief Vernon Kedit today lodged a report with the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) seeking an investigation to ascertain if there are irregularities in the Julau membership status.

Kedit went to the MACC accompanied by state PKR vice-chairman See Chee How, secretary Nicholas Bawin and a few others to ask the agency to investigate the “grave” issue to determine if there has been abuse of power.

“Our party’s image and credibility has now come under public scrutiny because my statutory declaration was viralled,” he remarked to reporters. Kedit submitted his SD to the MACC.

The declaration on October 17 raises suspicion on the existence of bogus members in the Julau branch. Apparently the membership surged from only 603 on June 26 to 13,000 a day later.

According to Bernama, Bawin claimed that the MACC was the only recourse for his group because their complaints within party channels were ignored.

“Our secretary-general (Datuk Saifuddin Nasution) issued a statement reported yesterday that all membership lists have been finalised and our complaints have exceeded the period for objections,” he said.

Sarawak PKR will be the last to go to the polls, on November 10.



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