Royal Pahang Durian is financially sound

Ahirul Ahirudin
Written by Ahirul Ahirudin

KUALA LUMPUR – September 11, 2020: Royal Pahang Durian Resources PKPP Sdn Bhd (RPDR-PKPP) reiterated today that it is financially stable.

The company issued a statement on the matter today in response to claims that it is closing down due to financial difficulties leading to refunding durian farmers involved in its initiated land legalisation scheme.

“Such rumors are totally untrue and uncalled for. The company remains firm and optimistic in carrying out its proposed legalisation scheme proposal.

“The refunds of earnest monies to farmers who request to withdraw from registration as reflection of the company’s sincerity,” it stated.

It has been reported that 14 unlicensed planters had requested to withdraw their registration in the scheme and asked for a refund last week.

“Earnest money is a deposit paid to show interest in participating in the legalisation scheme.

“RPDR-PKPP appreciates the farmers’ patience and understanding in cooperating with the earnest money refund procedures,” the statement read.

The company also stated that the rumor on its financial situation was likely concocted by irresponsible parties.

RPDR-PKPP has been embroiled in a controversy due to resistance of several durian farmers in Raub, who objected against its land legalisation scheme.



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