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KUALA LUMPUR, Nov 30 2016 : Formula One (F1) World champion, Nico Rosberg hopes that the F1 race will stay in Malaysia for many more years especially after Mercedes AMG Petronas won the world constructor title.

He said the team got a lot of support from Malaysian fans and it helped them win the title and that Malaysia was a phenomenal country.

“From what I see, this country loves this sport, so many people came to Sepang International Circuit (SIC) to watch the race.

“All the fans here are very passionate about F1 and our success today is the success for this country as well,” he told reporters at the Petronas F1 world constructor champion’s press conference here, yesterday.

Rosberg, 31, also said that the SIC is one of the best circuits in the world and many prestigious racing competitions were held there.

“It’s a great step for Malaysia to create attention around the world such as for business or tourism,” he said while urging all the fans to enjoy the remaining two years of the F1 race in Malaysia.

For the record, Malaysia have been hosting the F1 since 1999 and SIC’s contract with F1 will expire in 2018.

Meanwhile, Rosberg said that his relationship with Lewis Hamilton was now at the neutral level and believed that the 13-year friendship between them will last longer.

“I can understand Lewis because you know we both are drivers and fighters until the last metres, its all about the championship title so he decided to try everything he could do.

“Our relationship is quite neutral actually at the moment because we are best friends but it became so intense in the last three years because of the rivalry, but that what makes us great, so I’m sure it will continue to be a good
one,” he said. – Bernama



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