‘Ravers versus Hipsters’ irks netizens


Zaidi Azmi
Written by Zaidi Azmi

KUALA LUMPUR – February 23, 2016: The “outrageous” teen infested sub-culture clash between the so-called ‘hipsters’ and ‘ravers’ had irked a lot of Malaysians.

Members of the sub-cultures, composed of primarily Malay teens aged between 13 and 19 years old, gained instant notoriety after they staged a “dance off” here last weekend.

So far, it was not known what triggered the ‘clash’ but several ‘ravers’ have been sighted sharing a ‘call to arms’ via Facebook.

“Attention to all ravers who love the raver world,” wrote Muhd Razi on his Facebook wall.

“This Saturday there will be a decisive battle between the hipsters and the ravers at KLCC (Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre), we would like to call all members to join us.

“We shall ‘destroy’ the hipsters,” he wrote.

In a stark contrast, the so-called ‘hipsters’ were rather quiet in the social media but they, nonetheless, did showed up on the “D-day.”

Several videos of the decisive dance battle where members of the groups ‘busting out a move’ have been uploaded in various local Youtube channels.

A lot of Malaysians were however not amused by videos.

“Can someone please tell me how long has it been since these kids have had their medications?” wrote Facebooker Amir Tumiran at a widely circulated ‘Raver Vs Hipster’ dance video posted in Facebook.

“They danced as if they were bunch of squids getting caught in a fish net,” wrote Nabilah Jayye.

Aisyah Amndn pointed out that the country ‘has enough of fools as it is’ and that the teens were going to increase the figure if they continue to behave as such.

“Kids please be civilised. We already have enough fools, you don’t have to add more into the mix,” she wrote.

“I guess its better for kids to be playing DOTA (Defence Of The Ancient) or CSGO (Counter Strike Global Offensive) rather than doing this so-called “dance,” Shaqil Najiy commented.

“Pity the parents, it appears that education did nothing for these,” he chided.

There were also those who warned Malaysian parents to watch over their teenage children so as to ensure that the negative cultures do not “infect” their children.

“Fellow parents, please watch over your kids,” wrote Ahmad Hazwan, “This culture has already become an outbreak in our country.”

The harsh criticisms were not just limited in Facebook as even Youtubers have been very vocal in the comments section of several of the dance videos.

Abdullah Arif pitied the kids as he deemed that they have lost their true cultural identity.

“They have been fooled. I pity these Malay kids,” he pointed out.

“If you really want to be dancers then you go to the proper place,” wrote Khairil Azmi, “You don’t just simply bust out a dance move in public places.”

Almond Haze commented that the so-called “battle royale” between ‘ravers’ and ‘hipsters’ was extremely hilarious.

“This is what they call dance nowadays? Don’t these kids have homework to complete and what is up with their clothes…very humiliating,” she wrote.



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