Raja Zarith defends Malaysia’s healthcare system


Zaidi Azmi
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KUALA LUMPUR – May 9, 2017: Johor Permaisuri Raja Zarith Sofiah Sultan Idris Shah today engaged a critic who accused her of making a wrong assessment about the country’s health system.

New Zealand-based Lee Kee Shan had made the accusation after Raja Zarith stated on her Facebook wall yesterday that Malaysia has one of the best affordable healthcare systems in the world.

In her response the Johor Permaisuri wrote about having the experience of working with the country’s health authorities and therefore qualified to make such an assessment.

“What I have written is about our healthcare system. In America, if you are not rich and you don’t have medical insurance, you cannot get the same medical treatments, operations and medicines that Malaysians can get,” she wrote.

“And I know what I am writing about because I get funding to get medical equipment, hospital beds, etc, for HAS (Sultanah Aminah Hospital) and HIS (Sultan Ismail Hospital)

“Everyone is so negative about everything in our country. Yes, ours is not the best country but I know that our government-run healthcare service offers good medicines, affordable medical treatments and operations.

“The service is not perfect but people can still get treated. Why can’t we give credit where credit is due? Why must we always moan and complaint?”

Responding to her rebuttal, Lee wrote: “The good things that happened does not need praising. It’s the bad things that needs attention.”

Lee described Raja Zarith’s counter-argument as a typical response of those who are well to do, adding that his criticisms  stemmed out of his love for Malaysia.

To end the online debate, Raja Zarith asked Lee that, if he truly meant what he wrote, then “what are you (Lee) doing about the country of your birth? Why are you living in New Zealand?”

Lee has since deleted his initial remarks from the comment section of Raja Zarith’s Facebook wall regarding what he alleged as widespread corruption that plagued the Malaysian government.



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