Raihan : turning to Twitter for help to finance dialysis treatment

Shaira Idris
Written by Shaira Idris

KUALA LUMPUR – May 7, 2019: Her name is Raihan Mohd Ali, 27 years old and her kidneys are shrinking.

She works twice a week because for the three days of her five-day work week, she alternates to go for her dialysis treatment which she can’t quite afford on her salary.

The dialysis treatment for her Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) costs between RM1,800 and RM2,000 a month.

So, she turns to social media – Twitter, (see image of her tweet) for help of some sort.

Raihan has 147 Twitter followers. But at press time, her tweet has garnered over 18,300 retweets and 4,300 likes.

For that extra income, she sells online (Instagram: @whosthebaker) tarts that she bakes and chocolates that she makes besides her pre-loved belongings which are mostly clothings. 

On her Twitter, she said that she has been making chocolates since 2015.



Asked whether she has approached any organisation for financial assistance, Raihan said her application for Baitulmal was rejected because she was told that she was earning a high salary.

“Funny, if my salary is high, I won’t need any monetary help,” she told The Mole.

She is hoping to earn at least RM 28,800 a year to cover the costs of her thrice weekly dialysis treatments.

Raihan also said that dialysis is currently her only option due to the severity of her condition.

“Both of my kidneys have shrunk. We can still live with one kidney… but since both of mine cannot function properly, I have to depend on dialysis until I get one new kidney,” she said.

“I have been on dialysis for five months now. I’m still trying to adapt to this new phase of life,” said Raihan who is from Wangsa Maju and is the middle of three children.





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