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Raids aplenty but somehow, not many foreign girls end up in court

It does seem strange that despite the thousands of arrests over the years, the girls from Vietnam, Uzbekistan, Thailand and Indonesia especially their numbers at bars and other entertainment premises have not dwindled.

Written by TheMole

May 28, 2019.

Recollections & Reflections – A commentary by Aziz Hassan

IF you have been up to no good and know that you are an obvious target of the enforcement agencies, what would be the kind of “help” you need to lie low for a while and resurface when the situation cools down?

An early alert would be much welcomed – and that’s precisely what the Royal Malaysia Police or PDRM has given to Africans who are deemed a nuisance, either by being in the country illegally or from committing criminal offences.

Ironically the alert comes from a senior cop — Selangor police chief Datuk Noor Azam Jamaludin, no less. A news report below attributed to Noor Azam:

KUALA LUMPUR — (Bernama): Selangor police chief Datuk Noor Azam Jamaludin said police will launch a massive operation to address the influx of illegal Africans, especially Nigerians, who are seen as a public concern.

And here he states the obvious: “If they have valid documentation then we will release them but we will take action on those who violate the terms of their visit or student pass and those with expired documents.”

Somewhat should have alerted Noor Azam that it was only the day before his statement that another news report gave a good indication of how time and effort can come to waste even with the best of intentions and the involvement of so many personnel, as indicated by the story below:

KUALA LUMPUR: Thirteen foreigners, mostly Africans, were detained following several operations in the city.

The May 25 operation conducted on Jalan Changkat Bukit Bintang, Bukit Jalil, Taman OUG, Taman Len Seng and Kepong, was led by police and assisted by other enforcement agencies.

City police chief Datuk Seri Mazlan Lazim: “We performed checks on 28 foreigners but 13 of them did not have proper travel documents.”

Mind you, 99 senior police officers and personnel from KL police were involved.

“Our goal is to curb criminal activities, especially involving those from Africa,” said Mazlan.

Let’s look at the information again: Five areas combed by 99 officers and men (plus other agencies too) and only 28 were checked?

Talk about optimal utilisation of resources…..

The other question is “Why single out the Africans? A criminal is a criminal whatever the creed, race, religion or nationality.”

But where PDRM is concerned, what is obvious from the reactions so far is that there is an upbeat mood following the appointment of former Special Branch man Datuk Seri Hamid Bador as Inspector-General of Police, a man many consider to be strict. Apart from the statements he has made about what he expects from the force, it is hoped that he is inquisitive, has a curious mind, because PDRM is in need of someone like that at the top.

He has been in the force long enough to know the positives and the negatives and if truly focused, can effect the changes people want to see about the police, although he is on contract for only two years.

If he has been following the press reports, Hamid would know that the D7 or the Anti-Vice, Gambling and Secret Societies Division, has been active, especially in raiding nightclubs, spas and massage parlours known to offer employment to foreign women. There have been many arrests of course but if Hamid is indeed curious, he should be wondering by now what has happened to the many foreign girls rounded up because all these years, the public is only told of the arrests but never the closure to these raids, which would be a day in court for the girls and deportation for those found guilty. Below are some of the recent raids in Selangor and KL but with the information confined to what was reported by the press: 

February 26, 2019: Eleven foreign women offering sexual services at budget hotel detained

PETALING JAYA: Eleven foreign women were detained after they were suspected of offering sexual services at a budget hotel in Sunway Mentari last night. Those detained were 11 Thais and one Indonesian.

April 10, 2019: Police detain 18 foreign GROs in ‘Ops Noda’

KUALA LUMPUR: The Selangor D7 detained 18 foreign guest relation officers suspected of offering sexual services at a karaoke centre in Balakong early today. Acting staff officer ASP Rozam Effandy Raslee said those detained were 16 Vietnamese and two Indonesians.

May 10, 2019: Cops raid vice den camouflaged by a massage parlour, 23 arrested

A prostitution den hidden behind a massage parlour in Bandar Puteri Puchong was raided by the Selangor D7. Operation chief DSP Azmi Syukor said 21 women from Vietnam, Indonesia and Thailand were arrested.

May 23, 2019: Cops cripple prostitution syndicate in Petaling Jaya, 11 foreign women detained

A prostitution syndicate in Taman Bukit Mayang that exhibited prostitutes behind a glass wall was crippled in an operation by the Selangor D7.

DSP Azmi Syukor said 11 foreign women, comprising eight Vietnamese and three Chinese nationals, were detained.

May 23, 2019 – Asia Times: Foreign sex workers nabbed at three places in Selangor

Malaysian police arrested 11 foreign women at three locations in Selangor allegedly involved in illegal sex work.

Officers from the Selangor D7 stormed two premises in Jenjarom, Banting, where two women from China and two from Thailand were arrested, the China Press reported.

Five hours later, seven officers conducted a raid in USJ 21 where seven women – three from Indonesia and four from Vietnam – were entertaining customers and four others waiting for customers.

(From 2018) — PUCHONG: Selangor Police D7 raided an entertainment outlet in Bandar Puteri Puchong and detained 38 foreign women believed to be hired as guest relations officers.

Staff officer DSP Mohd. Khaizam Ahmad Shahabudin said checks revealed that the women from Vietnam and Thailand had misused their social visit pass.

But seriously, if all the Vietnamese women arrested over the years had been taken to court, found guilty and deported, by now there wouldn’t be many who would be able to come to Malaysian shores.

However this is not the case, not at all, regular nightclubbers will tell you and it’s not just the Vietnamese we are talking about, for the same goes with the Indonesians and central Asians, especially those from Uzbekistan.

Better believe the clubbers when they tell you that many of the girls have been around adding beauty to bars and nightclubs in KL for years, some more than 10, despite being arrested and thrown into the lock-up umpteen times.








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