Rafizi-Latheefa row disappoints PKR supporters

Zaidi Azmi
Written by Zaidi Azmi

KUALA LUMPUR – September 7, 2017: PKR supporters are asking their leaders to put an end to their latest round of bickering in the open.

In airing their grouses on the Facebook walls of bickering duo Rafizi Ramli, the vice-president, and council member Latheefa Koya, these supporters talked of their worry about Pakatan Harapan’s image if the spat continues.

The problem surfaced last week when Latheefa accused Rafizi of being an Umno mole and overly sensitive snob following the latter’s call for PKR leaders to stop negotiating on cooperation with PAS.

Rafizi has denied the accusation and at the same time censured pro-opposition activist Datuk Ambiga Sreenevasan for reminding him that securing an alliance with PAS was key to Pakatan’s victory in the next general election.

After Rafizi called Ambiga a misinformed critic who played a decisive role in the failed Kajang Move, Latheefa retaliated by publishing a lengthy account of how it was actually Rafizi who had engineered the events leading to the 2015 by-election in Kajang.  

She accused Rafizi of miscalculating the severity of public backlash against the ploy which resulted in the ouster of Tan Sri Abdul Khalid Ibrahim as Selangor mentri besar and from PKR.

“I cannot understand the need to have this spat publicised. PKR needs to solve it internally. The people who support PKR do not want to see our leaders washing their dirty linens out in the open,” said a PKR supporter Elangkathir Sundaram.

“You guys should be shooting Barisan Nasional and not your own foot. If you guys can’t even wrap your minds around this simple strategy then how do you expect the public to support PH?” wrote Richard Chooi.

“Why are you squandering your chances to topple BN? The people do not want to wait for another general election. Get your acts together,” wrote Lee Os.

“Is Pakatan so confident of winning Putrajaya in the next GE that our leaders can afford to indulge in this ridiculous antics?” Musa Ng sarcastically queried.

There were also those who advised Rafizi to leave PKR and join DAP, arguing that his logic in not wanting to be pally with Pas will be welcomed within that Chinese dominated party.

“I think it’s about time those in PKR who do not like the idea of working together with Pas, like Rafizi, to join DAP. It’d be a pity to waste good politicians like them,” wrote James Choo.

“Dear Rafizi, why don’t you move to a cooler party? Like DAP, a party that understands your logic where you can give your two cents without the need to cross swords with internal detractors,” wrote David Ksgan.




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